Every twentyfour hours 9


I was excited waking up in the Camping Campeole San Galimert.

I wanted to explore immediately so I went up past the two rows of terraced mobile homes and caravans and saw there was a walk at 9 am. I thought that will be perfect – follow up on my exercise yesterday and get a feel for the place.

It turned out I was the only taker for the walk. I was accompanied by two men, one a camp guide and entertainer, the other a senior who did mention something about being able to buy roses and to bring money.

We went at a very leisurely pace and arrived at the local village, not San Galimer itself. It was then that I was first introduced to the roses. It seems there is an amazing collection of rare roses cultivated here. There are all sorts of trips to Monaco to present the royal family with roses. Now I like flowers. I will admire a bed with the best of them. But it was expected that we walk a few yards, admire the yellow, then admire the pink, then the tinted one and over again. I tied to catch the campguide’s eye but he was being very professional. Eventually, the senior guy brought us to the real objective of his walk- the Maison where I could buy books about roses and all sorts of things to do with roses. I had a quick look and went outside and nearly took up smoking with the guide.

It reminded me so clearly of an experience in Turkey where I went for a tour for the day and we were all herded into a jewellery manufacturer and came under huge pressure to buy something. Trying to get out was a nightmare as the stairs went round and round, bringing you back to the sales floor again and again. I really resent being manipulated like this. Our time abroad is precious and if we want to go and buy something, we can work it out or ask.

After this, I needed cooling off, so I went straight to the pool. Clean, well signed, with loungers and shade at the edge.

That evening, we were treated to a concert of rock music. Two guys with synthesisers, and beat machines playing some songs well and murdering some others as only the French can so when they sing in English – Touch me baby zainted love. Or New years day –ah wil be wiz you agen-. They played until midnight.

The guides had heard about my opinion of the Rose walk and took every opportunity to offer me a free trip to the Maison de Roses.  They were highly amused.

This is a great site for families and older people alike. It is set on terraces as this is a mountainous part of France.  I decided to stay another night as I had not seen the Badoit source or seen San Galimer itself.

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