Every twentyfour hours 11

Leaving Camping San Galimer  early -6am was an excellent idea. I headed for St Etienne, then Lyon. Looked for Chambery while taking the periphery around Lyon. What a vast city. Quite daunting but I got through without difficulty.

I found a campsite beside a lake nestled in the start of the Alps called Camping Lac Du Carouge Websitein the Savoie area of the Rhone Alpes region.  Well run by a tall French man and his wife who took orders for bread every morning on a sheet of paper pinned up outside reception.Last time I looked, there were twenty baguettes ordered along with tens of croissants.

He gave me a large site so I had plenty of space to park which I did without any assistance. Beginning to get the hang of the reversing.

As usual, I was offered help, this time with filling my water tank. I was first offered and hose that did not fit on the tap. To the rescue another friendly person with a funnel. Such a good atmosphere on this campsite.

Once I settled in I went down to the lake for a refreshing swim. The lake is so different to the sea or swimming pool. Something very calm and smooth about it unlike the sea and it does not have the chlorine of a pool. It As it was fourteenth July, there were large groups of families around the lake,barbecuing and swimming. To see the snow capped Alps above me as I swam was thrilling. The landscape is really changing as I go further south.IMG_5799

As I planned to be up early, I stayed at the campsite instead of looking for fireworks. I had a beer and watched the entertainment and turned in early. The transit in to Italy via the Tunnel de Frejus was on my mind and I wanted to be ready for it.IMG_5801


  1. Best of luck with the tunnel. I do not envy you that adventure. Lake looked great. It reminds of a short story…I’ll try send separately


  2. Hello there ….not sure what day it was …but I had just finished reading blog # 12 (thrilling as it was with your adventures turning the cavalcade with the aid of the Logman to the chagrin of his wife) …and you had just developed your first ‘cliffhanger’ with

    “Little did I expect what the next day would bring”

    I was getting worried but not too worried. You were no longer posting daily and as you obviously knew what had happened and survived…but at what price!!! what could have happened the next day?

    Then technology lets me down – the email notifications of a new blog or even comments on a blog, such as the one above, no longer seemed to function. There was nothing in my InBox. Then it was Sunday morning and I went searching in my delete folder for a previous link so I could get back directly to the WordPress site – no record. How can that have happened? Had I imagined the whole thing? The drugs they have you on in a nursing home are terrible – wait! I’m not in a nursing home – well not yet. As it was technology, of course, it was now a challenge (never be dependent on a missing link). I know you don’t want or need to know how I got back but I am now up to speed and delighted to know you have made it past blog #13 and the Italian truckers (course they are probably more like to be Turkish). I will now bookmark the site.

    A couple of years ago I drove from Bari to Lecce and the roads were fine but then I was way south of the truckers and not towing my home.

    As no doubt, you’ve heard the good weather has managed to hold on and we are all still having breakfast al fresco – maybe not looking at the Adriatic but still, it’s been nice, long may it last. The Irish are getting used to the concept of having people over for dinner parties with some hope of it not becoming a Noah event. My wife’s family a very risk-averse bunch of people if ever there was are having their second garden party this afternoon. She has 9 siblings all in Dublin – 7 to go!!! 🙂

    Anyway enough of that domesticity

    Ciao et buona fortuna per le strade

    and yes! I had the two checked boxes checked re: notifications

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    1. Niall. Glad you got back to the link. The reason I failed to blog a few days was a good one. Too much of a good time being had in Camping Fano. I left this morning with quite a farewell committee to see me off. Felt like part of a huge familia there.
      I am braving the autostrada and it is a beautiful drive. Oleanders lining the roads and best of all – no trucks! Sea to the left and rolling hills to the right. Blog spoiler. Certainly does not get
      Much better. I am meeting a couple of friends who are cycling around Lecce. That will be fun. Thanks for the short story link.


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