Every twenty four hours 6


Some days you just need to kick back and relax. I find that incredibly hard to do and I found myself telling myself – you have a lot of relaxing to do today- typical that I would lay out the agenda even for me to relax.

I started by taking the curtains down in the caravan. They are green faded velvet and I gave them every chance. The transformation is dramatic. I did say I would only do one pair, but I worked through four of the windows, leaving only the front window decked in faded finery.IMG_5742

Once I had picked shopping up – the messages- as we say in Ireland, I did some enforced relaxing.  I sat outside the caravan. There is a glorious warm breeze so the only sound is the trees rustling and the birds singing. I abandoned all plans of travelling today to give myself a chance to savour this lovely place, along with a cheeky robin who thinks nothing of flying down right next to me to pick up crumbs. The breeze has brought down some premature hazel nuts which appear out of season. Technically, next month is Autumn but we will not dwell on that.

I wrote postcards, cleaned the caravan and strolled down town for stamps and coffee.

During my strolls, I have noticed little statues on pedestals above the streets, set into nooks on buildings. They appear to be religious. Extremely beautiful in their delicate, miniature way. Typical of this town which speaks renaissance from every angle. With detailed cornicing and delicate detail on every building, the temptation is to take a thousand photos.

The afternoon found me in the deckchair again, knitting and feeling really together and relaxed, and now I can hardly get out of the chair.

I am getting used to living in the caravan and have managed to get it organised at last.IMG_5720

Bring it on tomorrow travelling south!


Every twentyfour hours

I slept on a banquette outside the cinema last night, lulled by the roar of the ships engines. There was a sign saying no sleeping – footwear must not touch the couch. I have learned on this ship that as long as you do not break every rule, leeway is easily given. So I spread out my €9.99 blanket from Lidl and stretched out.

The obliging Portuguese client service officers turn a blind eye to many things including the guy who was sleeping with his legs hanging over the end of the couch. I just hope I didnt snore as I woke so refreshed I must have crashed out completely.

After a breakfast in the immaculate Stena line restaurant- all shining floors and gleaming glass – I took a turn around the deck and did the weird exercise routine – lunges, squats and pushups before there were too many around. A French couple passed by and he remarked- ‘you are right’ …

Back on my banquette, I took out my knitting. Like a latter day Miss Marple, I could observe all the goings on without looking threatening.

The dehydrated Irish guy who wrestled with the vending machine and appealed to the portuguese – ‘Eduardo, I only want three  bottles of water- how hard can that be’. He glanced in my direction for support and I just smiled.

Eventually the transaction was complete and an exchange of coinage went on under cover of the friendly banter.

We pulled into Cherbourg exactly on time and disembarked without event. I had the feeling of being on a cruise with none of the feeling of being herded like sheep.

I could not resist including the photo of the sun setting as we left Rosslare.

My first night will be very close to Cherbourg so I can get my bearings including driving on the right hand side of the road. Fingers crossed…