Every twentyfour hours 11

Leaving Camping San Galimer  early -6am was an excellent idea. I headed for St Etienne, then Lyon. Looked for Chambery while taking the periphery around Lyon. What a vast city. Quite daunting but I got through without difficulty.

I found a campsite beside a lake nestled in the start of the Alps called Camping Lac Du Carouge Websitein the Savoie area of the Rhone Alpes region.  Well run by a tall French man and his wife who took orders for bread every morning on a sheet of paper pinned up outside reception.Last time I looked, there were twenty baguettes ordered along with tens of croissants.

He gave me a large site so I had plenty of space to park which I did without any assistance. Beginning to get the hang of the reversing.

As usual, I was offered help, this time with filling my water tank. I was first offered and hose that did not fit on the tap. To the rescue another friendly person with a funnel. Such a good atmosphere on this campsite.

Once I settled in I went down to the lake for a refreshing swim. The lake is so different to the sea or swimming pool. Something very calm and smooth about it unlike the sea and it does not have the chlorine of a pool. It As it was fourteenth July, there were large groups of families around the lake,barbecuing and swimming. To see the snow capped Alps above me as I swam was thrilling. The landscape is really changing as I go further south.IMG_5799

As I planned to be up early, I stayed at the campsite instead of looking for fireworks. I had a beer and watched the entertainment and turned in early. The transit in to Italy via the Tunnel de Frejus was on my mind and I wanted to be ready for it.IMG_5801